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4 Benefits of Routine Chemical Peels

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4 Benefits of Routine Chemical Peels

Jun 1, 2022

When age and the environment have etched deep lines into your skin and caused it to sag, a face-lift may be your best bet. But with a little foresight, you can avoid or delay the need for surgical intervention by addressing skin problems before they get out of control.

At Polavarapu Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Kiran Polavarapu and our team offer several services that give your skin a fighting chance against weather, aging, pollution, and trauma. Depending on your unique skin type, tone, and condition, you may benefit from:

We also offer state-of-the-art, customized chemical peels, which many people mistakenly believe are one-time treatments. While it’s true that deep chemical peels that use phenol to reach the innermost layers of your skin are a once-in-a-lifetime option, lighter chemical peels can become a valuable part of your regular skin care routine. Here are four of the top benefits of routine chemical peels.


What kind of chemical peels can you get regularly?

All chemical peels work the same way — they use a chemical solution to remove damaged layers of skin. But not all chemical peels penetrate your skin at the same depth. Some acid solutions address severe skin damage and require sedation during the treatment and a couple of weeks to recover.

But light and medium chemical peels can become a normal part of your skin care cadence. These use milder chemicals, such as glycolic acid, fruit acid, or lactic acid, which are types of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Thye leave your skin looking brighter, fresher, and smoother every time you use them.

Benefits of regular chemical peels

A single chemical peel can make a big difference in the texture and tone of your complexion, but adding them to your routine has ongoing perks. Here’s what regular chemical peels can do for you.

1. Slow premature aging

Full disclosure: Chemical peels can’t slow or prevent the aging process, but they can curb premature aging, the damage that occurs earlier than it should due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

Crepey skin that’s losing its smooth, taut texture can look vibrant and more youthful with regular chemical peels.

2. Deep clean and exfoliate

Whatever’s in the air and on your hands generally ends up on your face, and by the end of the day, you have dirt and bacteria on your skin, as well as oil and dead skin cells. If you don’t cleanse your face properly, this is a perfect recipe for acne, or at least dull, tired-looking skin.

Regular chemical peels remove (exfoliate) these complexion-wreckers and can improve your acne symptoms or even eliminate them.

3. Even skin tone

Whether you have minor scars or blotchy sun spots, your face may have several different pigments ranging from light tan to dark brown or even pink or red. No amount of cleansing and moisturizing will banish these imperfections, but regular chemical peels specially formulated to lighten hyperpigmentation problems will.

4. Strengthen and protect

Routine chemical peels help your skin repair itself from within. The acids stimulate increased circulation, which facilitates natural cell turn over. The acids also have a detoxifying effect that reduces stress on your skin and allows it to function more efficiently. So, not only does your skin look better, it also performs better as a barrier to protect the delicate inner layers.

Are regular chemical peels right for you?

Your skin is different from everyone else’s, and what’s right for others may not work for you. The best way to find out is to talk with Dr. Polavarapu. She has many years of experience evaluating skin and facial issues, and she can help you navigate your options and make an informed decision.

To schedule an appointment, call us or use our online booking tool at your convenience. We’re here to answer all your chemical peel and skin care questions.

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