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5 Reasons to Consider Facial Fillers

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5 Reasons to Consider Facial Fillers

Apr 1, 2022

These days, you have multiple options when it comes to improving your facial features. Surgical face lifts are still the gold standard if you have structural deformities or if you want to make a dramatic change, but not everyone wants to go under the knife — and not everyone needs to.

There are several ways to make more subtle changes that significantly improve the texture and contours of your facial features, and one of the most popular treatments is dermal fillers. At Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kiran Polavarapu and our team love the way these injectables restore a more youthful look in our adult patients of all ages. Here are the top five reasons our patients love them, too.


1. Quick sessions with no downtime

Let’s face it, if surgical face lifts didn’t require a couple weeks off work to heal from the incisions, more people would get them. Dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Perlane®, to name a few brands, allow you to get a “liquid face lift” that restores lost volume, smoothes out wrinkles, and plumps up sunken places.

The best part is all this happens in a quick appointment that has you back on task immediately afterward. While some people may notice some slight redness and swelling for the first few hours, these symptoms fade quickly, so you can go about your day as usual.

2. Dermal fillers work and play well with others

And if you want to fix those deep creases caused by years of smiling, laughing, frowning, and grimacing, Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport® are three other types of injectables that approach dynamic wrinkles — which is a different type than the textural crepiness and fine lines we correct with dermal fillers.

The good news is that these neuromodulators can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to give you the best of both worlds — no surgery required.

3. Dermal fillers are temporary and reversible

If you’re looking for a treatment that’ll last a lifetime, dermal fillers don’t fit the bill — but that’s not a bad thing. Here’s why.

Most dermal fillers last for 6-12 months. As your body eventually absorbs the injected substance and the effects gradually wear off, you can come back in for a quick touch up, or you can reassess your treatment options. You may choose to go with a different brand or ask Dr. Polavarapu to inject the fillers into a different area to create a different look.

You may even decide you like the way the dermal fillers improved your face, and now you want to go for the complete surgical face lift. The choice is yours.

Dermal fillers are also reversible, which means if you don’t like your new look or you change your mind for any reason, we can remove the fillers and return your face to it’s pretreatment state.

4. Dermal fillers carry minimal risk

Some dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, others contain calcium hydroxylapatite, and they each specialize in addressing different issues. Dr. Polavarapu guides you through your options depending on the health and condition of your skin and your aesthetic goals.

Because dermal filler ingredients are synthetic forms of substances that naturally occur in your body, there’s no risk of a bad reaction.

The only real risk when it comes to getting dermal fillers is administrator error. That’s why it’s important to make sure you only get fillers from a qualified, experienced professional. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, there’s no one more qualified than Dr. Polavarapu.

5. Results are immediate

With dermal fillers, there’s no waiting for incisions to heal and scars to fade before you see your results — they’re apparent before you even leave our office. The filler plumps up the area under the surface of your skin and immediately adds volume to sunken cheeks and thinning lips. You’ll see wrinkles disappear and contours come back right before your eyes.

To find out which dermal filler delivers the changes you’d like to see in your face, request a consultation using our online booking tool, or call our friendly staff today. You can have younger-looking skin in just a single treatment.

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