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5 Reasons to Opt for Breast Reduction

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5 Reasons to Opt for Breast Reduction

Apr 21, 2020

Female breasts are beautiful — life-giving, sensual, and universal characteristics of femininity. But there’s such a thing as too big. Women with A cups may wish they had bigger, fuller breasts, but if they could spend a day in the shoes of a woman who wears an E, F, G, or H cup, they might quickly reconsider. That’s because oversized breasts cause uncomfortable side effects many people don’t realize.

But Dr. Kiran Polavarapu at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery understands completely. She helps women struggling with complications caused by extremely large breasts and performs breast-reduction surgery to relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Here are the top five reasons our patients give for wanting to reduce their breast size.


1. Big breasts hurt

The main reason most women come to us for a breast reduction is that large breasts cause them discomfort and pain. The sheer weight of oversized breasts changes your posture and has you leaning forward, which leads to chronic neck and back pain.

Large breasts also put your bra to the test by putting intense stress on the straps, which dig into your shoulders. Over time, this leaves indentations. These painful grooves may disappear after a breast reduction when the breasts are lighter and the stress on your straps lessens.

2. Big breasts cause rashes

Many women complain of rashes and other skin conditions caused by the underside of their breasts rubbing against the skin on their rib and abdomen areas. Perspiration exacerbates the situation, and there is little opportunity for relief.

Yeast infections and ringworm are particularly common on the underside of large breasts. These conditions thrive in warm, wet environments, which is exactly what you have if your large breasts are in constant contact with your skin.

3. Big breasts restrict activity

One thing smaller-breasted women take for granted is the ability to do just about anything they want. But big-breasted women find it difficult to take part in many physical activities, including jogging and aerobics and some sports like basketball, volleyball, or anything that involves running.

Although there are alternative ways to stay in shape, like yoga and swimming, a breast reduction can open up a whole new world of options.

4. Big breasts make you self-conscious

Positive attention is a good thing and certainly boosts the ego, but if your breasts are too big, they become the center of attention and may elicit cruel jokes or long stares. Many women with oversized breasts say they have low self-esteem.

Breast-reduction surgery can take the focus off your chest and allow you and your personality to shine without your breasts getting in the way.

5. Big breasts don’t fit your clothes

Most clothing companies manufacture garments to fit average-sized bodies. Although there are specific categories for tall women, short women, and overweight women, there are not many options for big-breasted women. That means that you have to squeeze your breasts into clothes that are too small. Buttons pop, seams, rip, and you end up revealing more than you intended.

And while many bra manufacturers do accommodate large breasts, sports bra companies don’t follow suit. In fact, the lack of sports bras sized to fit well-endowed women is one of the main reasons they don’t exercise as much as their smaller-breasted counterparts. Breast-reduction surgery solves the clothing and exercise issues in one fell swoop.

If you’ve been living with oversized breasts and have experienced any of these negative side effects, we can help you. Call us at 817-615-8576 or schedule a consultation using our online booking tool and find out if you're a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

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