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5 Sagging Skin Areas a Body Lift Can Enhance

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5 Sagging Skin Areas a Body Lift Can Enhance

Jun 1, 2023

Face-lifts are well-known for restoring the youthful look of taut skin, but your face isn’t the only body part that could use a lift.

Dr. Kiran Polavarapu at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery specializes in the art and science of symmetry and balance, refining your features from head to toe. Here’s a look at five body parts that suffer from sagging skin and how Dr. Polavarapu can restore their youthful contours.

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What is a body lift?

Like a lift for your face, a body lift addresses loose skin that sags and droops, changing your body’s contour and shape. It may or may not involve liposuction to remove excess fat, but it often also involves tissue removal and reattachment.

Body lifts aim to smooth out dimpled skin, reduce cellulite, and reposition loose tissue. Dr. Polavarapu can apply these techniques to various body parts — here are the top five.

1. Abdomen

When it comes to addressing loose skin and weak muscles in the lower abdomen, a tummy lift may be the perfect solution. This procedure is less invasive than a full tummy tuck, and you’ll also have less downtime.

Specifically designed to tackle poor skin elasticity in a localized area, a tummy lift targets excess fat and tightens abdominal wall muscles around your navel. If you're looking for a way to achieve a tighter, more toned tummy without the hassle of a lengthy recovery, a tummy lift may be just what you need.

2. Buttocks

Aging can take a toll on your body, and one area that can really suffer is your buttocks. Changes in weight, pregnancy, and even genetics can contribute to poor elasticity in the skin and tissue that supports your backside.

Luckily, a buttock lift, also known as a gluteal lift, can help improve the appearance of your bum by removing excess sagging skin and fat, rounding out your buttocks, and giving a fuller, more balanced appearance. It's important to note that this procedure won't actually make your butt bigger, but it can help smooth out any dimpling and irregularities on the surface.

Whether you include it as part of a body lift or have it done separately, a gluteal lift can give you a smoother, more pleasing contour.

3. Groin

The groin lift, sometimes called a mini thigh lift, aims to reduce sagging in the upper section of your inner thigh — your groin. Unlike traditional thigh tightening surgeries, the mini thigh lift only targets the upper third of your thigh, making it ideal if you want to trim down that specific area.

The procedure involves a small incision in your groin area, through which Dr. Polavarapu removes excess skin. This results in a smoother, more toned appearance with minimal bumps and dents. One of the most appealing aspects of the mini thigh lift is its minimal recovery time, making it the perfect choice for busy individuals looking to quickly and effectively streamline their appearance.

4. Thighs

Depending on your aesthetic goals, Dr. Polavarapu can perform several types of thigh lifts, including an inner/medial, vertical, outer/lateral, or posterior thigh lift. However, if you want the works, you want a spiral thigh lift, also called a 360 lift.

Unlike other procedures that only target specific thigh areas, this total thigh lift takes care of every square inch, including the front, back, sides, and length of your thigh.

As a bonus, the spiral thigh lift also improves the contour of your buttock area. However, be prepared for some lengthy incisions — one from your groin down to your inner knee and another from your groin to your hip bone, which meets at the top of the buttock area.

But the results are worth it. This surgery will leave you with smooth, shapely thighs.

5. Upper arms

Say goodbye to "batwing" arms with an upper arm lift, a cosmetic procedure that can reshape and tighten the upper arm area. Whether due to the natural aging process, significant weight loss, or fluctuations in weight, excess fat or sagging skin under the arms can be frustrating to deal with. If exercise hasn't produced the results you desire, an upper arm lift may be an effective solution.

Dr. Polavarapu removes unwanted fat and tightens your skin to create shapelier, more youthful-looking arms, giving you the confidence to rock form-fitting, short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits.

Before signing up for a body lift

Not everyone is a good candidate for a body lift. It's important to note that poor overall health and smoking are body-lift deal-breakers.

But if you have soft tissue looseness in one or more areas, a positive outlook, and specific goals for your appearance, this may be the solution you've been looking for.

Talk with Dr. Polavarapu about your aesthetic goals, and find out if a body lift can help you achieve them. Call or click to schedule a consultation.

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