Breast Augmentation: More Choices of Implants Than Ever

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Years ago, if you wanted to enhance the size of your breasts, or you needed reconstructive surgery, silicone implants were your only option. Today, breast implant materials have become safer and more reliable, and women have more choices than ever for getting their ideal breasts.

As a woman, and a highly skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, Kiran Polavarapu, MD, of Polavarapu Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, understands the numerous reasons for seeking breast augmentation. Dr. Polavarapu performs breast implant surgery for many women each year who desire larger breasts, wish to enhance the shape of their breasts, or need reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. Dr. Polavarapu shares her knowledge of the types of breast implants to help you make an informed decision about which implants are right for you.  

Silicone, saline, smooth, or textured?

Perhaps it was simpler in the past several decades when breast implant choices were either silicone or saline. Women only had a choice between a natural look and feel with risk of silent rupture and health complications (silicone), or a less natural feel and appearance with a higher safety rating (saline). If you wanted to enhance your breasts, it seems, you could have safety or structure, but not both.

Fortunately, aesthetic and medical technology continue to advance, and now you have your choice of implants to meet most of your breast augmentation needs. While there’s no single perfect implant, there are implants that are perfect for you. If you’re considering breast implants today, your choices, along with some of their advantages and disadvantages, include:

Saline-filled implants

Structured saline-filled

Silicone gel-filled

Cohesive silicone gel-filled (gummy bear, form-stable)

Autologous fat transfer

Each of these implants comes with advantages and disadvantages, depending on the shape and feel you desire. Breast implants also come in round or teardrop shapes, with smooth or textured surfaces.

Smooth surfaces allow for more natural movement and feel the softest. Textured implants develop scar tissue so they “stick” better and have less chance of rotating or becoming repositioned. For even more customization when it comes to implants, Dr. Polavarapu can position your implants above or below your pectoral muscles.

With so many options, how do you choose?

Furthermore, when undergoing the procedure, Dr. Polavarapu may insert your breast implants through incisions in your armpit, under your breast, or around your areola. So, when you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, you have the options of:

That’s a lot to consider, but the end result of so many choices is that each woman gets the type of implant and the type of surgery they want or need for the best outcome.


Of course, at your consultation with Dr. Polavarapu, she answers all your questions and talks to you about your desired outcome so she can advise you on which type of breast implant is ideal for you. If you’ve been thinking about breast implants, know that you have more choices now than any other generation of women.


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