Choosing the Right Breast Implants for Your Body

woman in towel with hands on breasts

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can enhance the size of your breasts, restore lost volume after weight loss or pregnancy, or provide symmetry to asymmetrical breasts. Regardless of why you’re planning the surgery, it’s vital that you select a board-certified plastic surgeon with skill and experience. After that, you’ve got a few more decisions to make.

What size is right for your shape? What type of implant best fits your expectations? Should you consider a textured or smooth implant? Are you going for the well-rounded look? Is it appearance or feel that most matters to you? How do you choose?

Communicate your expectations regarding breast augmentation

It’s important to clearly communicate your expectations to your surgeon. There are, for instance, certain things breast augmentation alone won’t provide, such as a lift for sagging breasts. If that’s important to you, then we can discuss a breast lift along with an augmentation. Communicating your expectations helps ensure you’ll be pleased with your results.

At Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, we encourage our patients to share their hopes for breast augmentation during the consultation. We’ll give you honest feedback about whether your expectations are realistic and offer practical solutions for getting the results you desire.   

Size, shape, and texture do matter

The size of the implants you choose often affects your overall satisfaction with breast augmentation. Too small may make you feel like you missed the mark. Too large and you might feel uncomfortable about presenting the new you to the world. And the difference often relies on your overall weight, height, and body composition.

One of our goals here at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery is to provide natural-appearing breast augmentation results that boost your self-confidence without shouting “boob job” when you slip into your favorite swimsuit. Whether you’re hoping for modest or moderate gains, we take time to discuss proportions and balance when helping you select the implant size that best suits your body shape.

Other implant characteristics that may influence your decision include rounded versus form-stable breast implants. Rounded implants are the same size all over and help establish a fuller profile. Much like a natural breast, form-stable implants project more at the bottom and taper towards the top.

Smooth implants are soft and offer more natural movement, but textured implants are less likely to shift position.

Silicone versus saline breast implants

Saline implants are filled with sterile water (saline) while silicone implants rely on FDA-approved silicone gel for their shape and consistency. Both types of implants have pros and cons.

Saline implants, for instance, require a smaller incision since the implant is placed before it’s filled. Because saline is less dense than silicone, however, certain movements can cause a rippling effect that won’t occur with silicone implants. And silicone more closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue.

To help with your decision, we have a variety of touchable saline and silicone implant models available for you to consider during your consultation.

When it’s time to select the right breast implant for your body, you can rely on Dr. Polavarapu’s surgical expertise as well as his effective communication skills to help you choose from the many implant options available for breast augmentation. Schedule your consultation today by visiting our website or calling our office.    

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