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Feel Confident in a Swimsuit this Upcoming Spring with a Breast Augmentation

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Feel Confident in a Swimsuit this Upcoming Spring with a Breast Augmentation

Jan 3, 2021

Many women dread swimsuit season because they aren’t happy with their body shape. While there’s no average figure or perfect proportions for all women, you may have a shape in mind that would make you feel more confident. And if your personal ideal calls for bigger breasts, you can make that change in time for spring break with a breast augmentation.

Dr. Kiran Polavarapu, our board-certified plastic surgeon, helps women throughout Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding areas look and feel their best with her extensive experience, artistic skill, and surgical expertise. If you’re interested in increasing your breast size with implants, our team at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery can help you decide if a breast augmentation is right for you. Here’s what you need to know.


Body type basics

There are many different female body types, and none of them are better or worse than the others — although some may try to convince you otherwise. For example, the fashion industry may tell you that the perfect female body is shaped like an hourglass, with hips and chest about the same size and a defined, narrow waist. But you may have been born with a rectangular or round shape that doesn’t conform to the cultural or societal standard of the day.

Although you can’t change your fundamental body type, you can enhance it. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising to keep your muscles toned can make the best of your particular body type.

Plastic surgery can also help. For instance, if you were born with wide hips, a slim waist, and a narrow bust, commonly called a pear shape, you may be able to achieve an hourglass figure by increasing your bust size, a procedure called a breast augmentation.

Realistic breast augmentation expectations

Dr. Polavarapu dedicates considerable time during your initial consultation to making sure you know exactly what to expect — and what not to expect — from your breast augmentation. Larger breasts may seem like the only things missing from your dream body, but Dr. Polavarapu encourages you to ask questions and talk at length with her about your hopes and goals, so she can make sure you have realistic expectations.

A breast augmentation can:

  • Increase your breast size
  • Achieve symmetry
  • Enhance shape

A breast augmentation cannot:

  • Support sagging breasts
  • Address pendulous breasts
  • Fix stretched skin

For these issues, Dr. Polavarapu may suggest a breast lift instead of, or in addition to, your breast augmentation surgery.

Other factors also affect your results, so you should consider them carefully before committing to your breast augmentation, as they may alter your results:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Smoking
  • Age (effects of gravity)

Once you understand what to expect from your breast augmentation and decide it's right for you, you have some choices to make with Dr. Polavarapu, such as what size and shape you want, where to make the incision, and which type of implant is best for you.

When to schedule your breast augmentation surgery

Although breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, that doesn’t mean you should have it done days before a wedding (especially your own) or any other special occasion. In fact, we recommend getting started now to be ready for spring.

The first day or two after your surgery should be spent relaxing at home. You can expect to feel tired and sore during this time as your body begins the healing process.

After a few days, we remove your bandages and ask you to wear a surgical bra to keep the stitches in place, maintain support, and promote healing. At this point, you can go back to work, but you should avoid strenuous activities, including vigorous exercise.

Once the stitches come out (about 10 days post-surgery), you may feel like you’re ready to resume life as normal, but your breasts will still be tender and sensitive, so you should avoid physical contact for about a month.

It takes approximately six weeks for the scars to transition from bright pink and firm to softer, flatter, and closer to your skin tone, but they won’t disappear completely. Dr. Polavarapu skillfully makes incisions where they’ll be least noticeable later, so yours may be in the crease of your breast, near your nipple, under your arm, or in your belly button.

All told, your breasts should be swimsuit-ready in two to three months, which is why we recommend beginning the process now. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Polavarapu, simply call us at 817-615-8576, or book your appointment online, and get ready to fill out your swimsuit this spring.

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