Liposuction for Men? Everything You Need to Know

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Men tend to store fat in their chest, stomach, and flanks (love handles), and even a healthy diet and diligent exercising doesn’t always address these stubborn areas. More and more men are turning to one of the top cosmetic procedures — liposuction — to help them banish those bulges for good. With more than 29,500 men opting for liposuction in 2018 alone, and the trend on the uptick, now is a good time to consider how liposuction might be right for you, too.

If you live in the Fort Worth area, you have access to one of the leading plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. Dr. Kiran Polavarapu at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery offers liposuction for men, including three highly skillful techniques that enable her to remove the pockets of fat ruining your physique. Here’s how it works.

Liposuction: it’s not just for women

Women have dominated the liposuction arena for many years, to the tune of almost 230,000 procedures a year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. But men didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away. Early techniques weren’t as successful for males because men’s fat is surrounded by fibrous tissue, which makes it harder to remove than women’s fat. The good news is that because men’s skin is thicker, it’s easier to contour than women’s.

New techniques make liposuction for men as effective as it is for women.

Liposuction: is it right for you?

Even though more men than ever are getting liposuction, it’s not for everybody. Here are the criteria for anyone considering liposuction:

Liposuction isn’t a weight-loss treatment; it’s a fat-loss treatment. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, you should work on that first and turn to liposuction to help get you to the finish line. 

If you’re looking to smooth out the bulges that hinder a more chiseled, masculine form, liposuction can remove fat and recontour your body.

The nuts and bolts of liposuction for men

Simply put, liposuction sucks fat out of your body. Depending on how much you want to have removed and the size of the treatment area, you may only need a local anesthetic, or you may require general anesthesia. 

When the procedure begins, Dr. Polavarapu makes a tiny incision and inserts a slim, hollow tube called a cannula into the area. She moves the cannula back and forth within the fat layer, breaking it up so she can vacuum it out. 

Beyond this basic liposuction procedure, Dr. Polavarapu has mastered three precise techniques that allow her to target your specific type of fat. 

Tumescent technique

To help break up your fat and release it more easily, the tumescent technique involves an injection of fluid into the area. The fluid is mainly a salt solution, but it also contains lidocaine to numb the area and epinephrine to prevent bruising. When you have tumesced (firm) fat, this technique uses large quantities of saline solution — up to three times more than the volume of fat — to get the job done.

Super-wet technique

Like the tumescent technique, the super-wet treatment also injects fluid into the fatty area, but not nearly as much. This procedure is typically shorter, but you’ll need general anesthesia.

Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty

Instead of a saline solution, this technique relies on the power of ultrasound technology to break up the fat stores and get them ready for suctioning. This is a game-changer for men. Since your fat is more fibrous and difficult to break up, the ultrasound energy is the technology of choice for firm, fatty areas like in your upper back. It’s also a good choice for enlarged male breast tissue.

What to expect after liposuction

After your liposuction procedure, you can go home and take it easy. Make sure you have someone ready to drive you. Although every procedure and every patient is different, we typically recommend taking time off work for at least a couple of days. 

You may still have some swelling and soreness for up to two or three weeks, but once it subsides, you should see the full effects of your liposuction body contouring.

To learn more about liposuction and whether you’re a good candidate, contact us by phone at 817-615-8576, or book a consultation online with Dr. Polavarapu today. You can have a better body by spring. 

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