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Popular Reasons to Consider a Thigh Lift

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Popular Reasons to Consider a Thigh Lift

Jan 2, 2023

When you think about plastic surgery, you probably think about the front-and-center body parts like breastsfaces, and tummies.

Many people don’t realize that plastic surgery can improve the look of their legs, too.

At Polavarapu Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Polavarapu and our team want you to know that every body part deserves the same care and treatment, and we can help you achieve a more attractive, better-functioning body by addressing problems just about anywhere.

Keep reading to discover how a thigh lift works and the top reasons our patients request it.


What does a thigh lift do?

Age, childbirth, and weight gain and loss can do a number on your body, and your thighs are no exception. However, when people consider plastic surgery to improve their appearance, they often overlook the upper leg, usually because they aren’t aware of thigh lifts.

When Dr. Polavarapu performs a thigh lift, she removes excess fat to enhance the shape of your thigh, but if fat reduction is all you require, she may recommend liposuction instead, especially if your skin is still healthy and elastic.

A thigh lift goes beyond fat removal and manipulates your inner tissues to reshape and tighten them. Thigh lifts are best for those who have lost skin elasticity and have sagging skin and lumpy contours.

Reasons to consider a thigh lift

Undergoing plastic surgery is a personal journey, and everyone has unique reasons for choosing the procedure. Dr. Polavarapu takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals, concerns, and expectations. She tailors your procedure to your individual specifications, so no two surgeries are alike.

If you’re considering a thigh lift, it may help to know why others have chosen it. Here are some of the most common reasons people get a thigh lift.

Slimmer look

The No. 1 reason people request a thigh lift is to slim down their legs, especially women, as they tend to store surplus fat in their thighs. But it’s not just fat; excess skin that won’t snap back after you’ve lost weight or reached a certain age can also pose a problem. A thigh lift removes all types of sagging tissues.

Firmer feel

In addition to excess fat and loose skin, thighs often contain over-stretched muscles that leave your legs looking flabby and dimpled. A thigh lift can reattach your muscles to give your legs a firmer, tighter appearance.

Chafing and rashes

Whether the look of your heavy thighs bothers you or not, you may experience chafing and rashes where your thighs rub — and that’s a problem for everyone. Excess skin and fat can also rub against lower abdominal tissue and cause skin infections in the groin and pelvic regions.

Reduce stretch marks

Over the years, weight gains and losses stretch and expand your skin, causing ruptures that appear as stripes of scars called stretch marks. They appear pink, white, red, or silver and make most people feel self-conscious about showing off their legs. A thigh lift can also reduce your stretch marks and give you a confidence boost.

Better-fitting clothes

Oversized thighs throw your body out of proportion, making it almost impossible to find a pair of jeans that fit. A thigh lift trims your upper legs and restores your symmetry so you can shop wherever you want, knowing your legs are proportionate to your hips and waist.

To learn more about thigh lifts and whether you’re a good candidate, contact us online or by phone and schedule a consultation with Dr. Polavarapu.

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