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Winter is Prime Time to Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Winter is Prime Time to Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Dec 12, 2018

You may not be thinking about what you’re going to look like in a bathing suit or on the beach next summer, right now. The inconvenience shaving, plucking, or waxing all your unwanted body hair is probably not top of mind either.

Winter seems an unlikely time to think about taking care of excess body and facial hair, since your legs, arms, chest, back, and bikini lines are covered under layers of wool and clothing.

But, believe it or not, winter is not the only best time to think about hair removal treatments, it’s the best time to schedule laser hair removal treatments. Men, too, can thin out back and chest hair for a rugged but not overwhelming look.

At Polavarapu Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kiran Polavarapu uses the most advanced state-of-the-art laser hair removal technology to eliminate unwanted body hair quickly, safely, and painlessly.

Here are three reasons why now is the best time to take care of unwanted body and facial hair.


You must avoid the sun before laser hair removal treatment

The diode laser technology that Dr. Polavarapu uses in her practice targets the pigment in the hair follicles and leaves the rest of the skin unscathed. But, tan skin may interfere with the effectiveness of the laser. Plus, it may result in some damage to the surrounding skin. It’s best to avoid sun exposure, as well as plucking and waxing, for six weeks before the procedure.

When’s the best time of year to avoid getting a tan or skipping your monthly wax? The answer: cold, winter months, of course.

You must avoid the sun after laser hair removal treatment

After a laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. You should try to avoid sun exposure and be diligent with sun protection cream when you are in the sun. Also, in some cases, side effects may include redness and swelling immediately after treatment, which are also best kept away from the sun. Those side effects, however, should go away within a few hours.

Again, you won’t’ have to worry about missing out on pool party fun or a perfect beach day if you take care of your unwanted hair in the winter.

You need several treatments to rid yourself of all unwanted hair

Because your hair grows and falls out in cycles, you’ll need three to seven treatments, depending on the area being treated and your hair and skin type. These will be spaced several weeks apart to eliminate all your unwanted hair. If you start scheduling your laser hair removal treatments soon, you should have smooth, hairless skin by bathing suit season.

The same rules apply between laser hair removal treatments, including avoiding the sun, a tan, waxing, and plucking, as they do before your first treatment.

Laser hair removal can be used to treat hair on your:

  • Bikini line
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Face
  • Underarms

For more information about laser hair removal treatment, call Polavarapu Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, or make an appointment online.

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