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Erupted implant removal

I work in the fashion & beauty biz, my standards and expectations are high to be able to provide my clients with the very best.

I consulted with several highly regarded P.S’s in NYC after both my silicone implants erupted beyond the outer-shell in a snowboarding accident. I was deeply concerned about the ongoing silicone leakage and wasn’t sure I wanted new implants but was also concerned what my breast would look like after 30 years with implants. I was also hesitant to do a lift with the possibility of losing sensation in my nipples and added scars.

I had always felt good with my implants, so good I forgot I had any. But after the accident and the discovery of the eruption though Mammo and Sonogram I started to feel very unsafe with something artificial that is essence could possibly cause me harm even if I was told “leakage was not a very big deal”. Personally I could not feel safe knowing silicone might enter my lungs or lymph nodes.

The four PS’s I consulted with, prior to consulting w Kiran Polavarapu, MD, highly recommended immediate replacement of the implants and a lift. None of them took my question of leaving my breast with out implants very serious which left me feeling like I was dealing with salesmen instead of doctors.

I decided to go with Kiran Polavarapu, MD (during her fellowship at NYEE) She was the only P.S whom recommended following which I felt was great advice: -Remove erupted implants and leaked silicone, then let the skin / body heal since your skin/ pockets had stretched out with 30 y old implants. Immediately replacing implants with the same size would risk new implants to turn in their pockets while a (something none of the previous docs had brought to my attention). I was already feeling unsafe so the thought of the possibility of implants turning only made me more uncomfy.

If I didn’t like the all natural results after healing process I could add new implants after 3-6 month. Yes it would require two operations but it would be the safe way to go. Today two month has past since the removal…… I love my breast without implants!!! My nipples crept up on their own just enough without the added weight of the implants so a lift was not needed. I am so pleased with the results!!!! My breast are all real and I no longer have to worry about leakage or future eruptions when I hit the slopes again!

Dr Polavarapu is a very talented and trustworthy Doctor. Her work is excellent. She is honest, kind, warm and looks after her patients and their best interest. She is highly responsive to emails and phone calls. She spends lots of time discussing procedures and answers all questions, in additions to those you haven’t even thought of asking! If there was 6 stars I would give them to her without hesitation. Thank you Doc, you made me feel so safe. You gave me the best advice and I consider myself fortunate to have found you. 

Kate - New York, NY 

“Coca Cola Bottle Service”

For the record this procedure for me was WELL WORTH IT. I have a ways to go down recovery, but with that being said I am thankful for the Doctor and all the staff who got me through this process.

Dr Polavarapu I mean its so hard to put in words. I know a lot of people say nothing but kind words, but she is truly someone you have to interact with and just gain the experience in my opinion. The nerves of having surgery can be quite challenging and you really want someone who is not only personable, but compassionate, honest, truthful, and skilled. She is and beyond just a doll.

I am truly and humbly blessed to have gone through this experience with her. I am going to miss her when she leaves and I am fully confident that one day she is going to be beyond elite lol. She is marvelous and I am just thankful for coming across her name and having the faith that she would be the one to help me on this journey.

Bubble Guppie - New York, NY 

Soon to Be 50, So Now It’s my Turn 

I met Dr Polavarapu and immediately felt comfortable and confident. She and her staff could not have been any better. They are friendly and professional.

When I consulted with other doctors they brought in a camera to the consultation. Personally I do not want my naked pictures in 4 different surgeons files. Dr Polavarapu waits until the appropriate time, before surgery to take pictures.

She offered to meet with me anytime I thought of new questions or concerns. She understands her patients needs and goes above and beyond to accommodate and reassure. I am so thankful to have her as my plastic surgeon! 

rh1265 - Burleson, TX 

50th Birthday Present to Myself

Dr Polavarapu was fantastic! So easy going, knowledgeable, efficient and upfront. She answered all my questions. Even the ones I forgot to ask. She made me feel comfortable every time I went to see her. She did a great job with my surgery. I recommend her to anyone.

RedHell - New York, NY 

African American Tummy Tuck

Amazing, caring, loving, the list goes on about Dr Polavarapu.

18 Again - New York, NY 

48 Year Old Mother of Three and Grandmother of Three.

She is the most pleasant person that you will ever come across. Caring individual. I am so thrilled that I never gave up. She is one of the best things that has happened in my life. She knew what I wanted and gave me just that. I am so pleased with her work!

latina200466 - Brooklyn, NY  

The Beginning of my TT Journey

Dr. P was Patient Helpful Knowledgeable Sincere And most of all cared about my complaints of what I want and don’t want.

tummytucksaveme - Elmont, NY  


Best Doctor ever ..hands down. She is great at what she does. Has a personality to match her skills. I love her for life. If I had to have any type of surgery shes my pick. She is at NYEE in Manhattan and will be there until Summer 2014.

Cmedejas - New York, NY 

Kiran Polavarapu, MD
5701 Edwards Ranch Rd.
Suite 113
Fort Worth, TX 76109